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AERO PLAN Aerospace Research And Business Cluster
Cluster Members
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Air Force Institute of Technology




Air Force Institute of Technology is a research institute supervised by the Polish Minister of National Defence. Since 1953 AFIT supports operation of aviation technology. Hundreds of scientific studies – research and experimental – constructions of the Institute are used both in the civilian and military aviation, including Polish Armed Forces.

The institute consists of 10 Research & Development Divisions, which act innovatively in following areas:

  • Designing and integration of aircraft systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Aircraft avionic systems
  • Logistics systems
  • Reliability and safety
  • Training systems, including e-learning
  • Aerial armament
  • Airfield pavement and road infrastructure
  • Substitutes of fuels, oils and lubricants
  • C4ISR systems integration
  • Aircraft engines

The institute is entitled to award the Postdoctoral, Technical Sciences degree in the field of machine construction and utilisation.

The institute possesses accredited research laboratories, quality management certificates, licences for manufacture and distribution of weapons and ammunition, as well as military and police products. It posses state-of-the-art measurement and control equipment and highly skilled and specialised personnel.


Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng. Andrzej Żyluk
Tel.: +48 22 6851302
Ul. Księcia Bolesława 6
01-494 Warszawa, skr. pocz. 96, Poland

Lt. Col. Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng. Andrzej Leski
Tel.: +48 22 6851331
Ul. Księcia Bolesława 6
01-494 Warszawa, skr. pocz. 96, Poland